David Martin

Photo by  E. Brady Robinson , 2018.

Photo by E. Brady Robinson, 2018.

Having begun his path of yoga 12 years ago, David has experienced profound evolution and transformation of the mind and body. David received his 200 hour registered yoga teacher training certification and Reiki master training certification from the University of Maryland Center of Integrative Medicine in 2015. During the same year, he began his studies at the Vedic Conservatory in the art of Vedic Thai Bodywork - Assisted Yoga. The practice and discipline of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga has allowed David to sustain an deeply inspired and rooted connection with the creative spirit and has allowed for the realization of his Dharma, his mission in life. As a Yogi, Thai-Yoga Bodyworker, Reiki Master and Neuro-Acoustic Sound Practitioner, David strives to assist people in developing a greater sense of body and mind awareness, as he also facilitates deep meditation and relaxation through his immersive Gong experiences. This process of cultivating mindful awareness of our consciousness and subconscious mind is made possible through meditation, various breathing exercises (Pranayamas), some relaxed and some intense, sacred mantra chanting and slow, controlled and mindful yet powerful movements linked to our deep, conscious breathing. David's goal as a Yogi is to ignite and guide others in keeping the body-mind system strong, youthful, flexible and mobile so that we can all lead a long, fluid and inspired life of freedom and abundance in every sense. The body is the temple that houses the divine essence of the creative consciousness that is Light, Love Intelligence, who we truly are. The voice is the highest expression of the light and radiance of the heart and soul. We must have a strong voice and powerful navel acquired through consistent spiritual practice (Sadhana) to bring this manifestation home. We brush our teeth everyday, why shouldn't we cleanse our mind daily as well? Make the choice to sustain that temple as a loving home through daily movement, mindful breathing, chanting, self-love and self-care.  Sat Naam.

**Sat is Truth or Existence.  Naam is Name or Identity.  So Sat Naam means Truth is Name, Existence is my Identity. Truth is our Name and Identity.