Floating Meditation


Come enjoy a beautiful floating sound bath!  Allow yourself to be cocooned in our comfy Antigravity Harrison Hammocks while David takes you on a journey through sound using his powerful gongs, Singing Bowls and sacred healing mantras.  Relax into the sound and be bathed by the vibrations on a cellular level while you float on a cozy cloud of warmth and lightness.

The Gong is one of man’s oldest therapeutic instruments, and is used in yoga, sound meditation, and vibrational therapy from the distant past to present. A gong bath meditation is an ideal tool for stress reduction, stimulation of the glandular system, and serves as a facilitator to break up emotional, physiological and psychological blockages. Sound & music are nutrients for the nervous system. The auditory mechanism is a mega-portal to the brain and sonic tools empower health, learning and productivity. Due to its nature, the gong resonates all 30 trillion cells of the body simultaneously in a most powerful & effective way.

The goal, in all healing, meditative, spiritual and transformational pursuits are to raise individuals’ vibratory frequency, and thereby changing a person’s nature of being, restoring the intrinsic state of balance.  Are you drooling yet?  Come!